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About Us

Welcome to Play Materials! Miss Mae Ling sends her greetings.

Miss Mae Ling and her Puppy, the Admin, are working together to bring you all the fun and amazing toys your heart desires. First, we are starting with making amazing Dinos for all of you! The Dino effort will help fund our research into body safe version of all sorts of weird and sexy toys. Each Dino is printed at the highest quality possible while maintaining strength and durability. These toys are made of PLA plastic and are NOT body safe (yet 😉). 

Miss Mae

The Mistress. You can grace yourself with her presence by visiting Do not take this invitation lightly. 

Miss Mae Ling, also known as The Adorable Domme, is a Las Vegas based professional dominatrix, fetish clip producer and model, who has a passion for all things weird. She enjoys creating intensely fun and awkward situations that push people’s comfort zones and holding space for them to grow. BDSM and kink has been a lifestyle for seven years and she continues to explore her own journey with new people around the world, spreading her love of it with laughter and fun.

Sending these dinos around the world has deeply satisfied her breeding fetish feeling as though she is spreading her seed and penetrating the world. She believes that having such pieces adorned around the world, the more people are willing to open up and embrace the fun side of sex.

Puppy the Admin

Puppy is a huge nerd who loves 3D printing and modeling. Miss Mae’s little helper, if you will. If you would like to use their services for electronics, lights, 3D printing, or Python please e-mail them at admin at